Thursday, 10 March 2016


City Escape: Finding Allen Gardens

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, leave the purse behind and take your partners hand for a restful stroll through this greenhouse treasure on Jarvis Street near Gerrard.

Allen Gardens is set in one of Toronto’s oldest parks and transports you into a warm, humid horticultural feast of six themed greenhouses featuring a mature forest of Palms, Succulents, Bamboo, Orchids, Hibiscus and Bromeliads.

If you lived on Jarvis Street in Toronto in the early 1900's you were among the wealthy establishment. Today Jarvis Street is home to more than the cities fair share of homeless shelters and resource centres for our less fortunate.
Bike lanes in. Bike lanes out.

Allen Garden is a botanical oasis offering welcome sanctuary among beautiful plants from around the world often finding some privacy from unwelcome stares under the centre piece historic, cast-iron and glass domed “Palm House”, built in 1910.

Designers note: Easy does it.
I shot these images at The Allen Gardens Conservatory on an Olympus Digital E-P1, then downloaded the images to iphoto, exported them as a slideshow, then uploaded the slideshow to YouTube and embedded the link here. You can also do this using your Google photos account to create and publish a quick slide show. I like the iphoto export because I don't have to deal with individual images.

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