Wednesday, 30 November 2016

So much talent in this city. Not enough jobs. 50 somethings. 20 somethings. Make your own job.

My neighbours' garden is always full of vibrant colours which we next door get to appreciate along with many birds and bees and little creatures all year long so "Thank You" Dianne!

Look up at the crowded construction sky at Yonge and Eglinton and you'll still get a glimpse of Toronto humour and smile

Summer raindrops sparkle on cedar branches more mezmerizing that any diamond

The orange mesh box crudely installed around a tree in Toronto means we're trying to protect you while we turn this 2 story into a massive condo and obliterate this fleeting work of art that adds colour, joy and life to this north corner on College just west of Spadina. 

Congratulations on your new job postings on Linkedin signal an entrepreneurial move.

Temporary foreign workers serve us coffee at Timmy Hortons and work the back-end at the Banks.

I met a Scientist, a PHD student, an assistant professor at Ryerson University, a Panasonic Executive and two women with Masters degrees from India freshly laid-off their 20 year job at Cinramthe CD duplication empire in Toronto in the 90's.

The Cleaning Lady in your apartment lobby on Davisville works for  minimum wage and can't get more that 20 hours a week. She travels almost two hours to get to her job and another two to get home everyday. This also needs to coincide with the time she takes to drop her child off at the daycare and be back in time to pick her up.

The factory jobs in Scarborough were lost in the 80's to new materials and labour in the Far East.
The government responded with re-education clinics. Do you know Microsoft Word? Learn how to write a cover letter and resume.
Still no jobs. We're learning Microsoft while the next generation is on G Suite.

A summer job for a University student is working the night shift at Smoke's Poutinere.
You learn a great deal from the intoxicated at College and Bathurst, after 11pm on a Saturday night.
Stay in University. Get that degree because it's your entry in.

Humans of Toronto Subway southbound at Bloor Study #1 August 2016

Humans of Toronto Subway southbound at Bloor Study #2 August 2016

On a humid summer day, this colourful sleeping beauty sells her handmade jewellery made of mostly plastic and wooden beads along Queen at McCaul and Yonge & Eglinton

More interviews.
More cover letters.

Don't forget to tailor your resume so you have several at hand reflecting the exact words and phrases from the job description. Perhaps you might trick the computer  scanning your information for those precious keywords employers are looking for.

The employers don't know what they're looking for. Everything's changing so fast.
Do you know anyone who knows Sharepoint?.
OK. Send them over. I might have a job for them.

Contact your contacts.
Sell yourself.
Shy? Reserved?
There is no place for you in this celebrity obsessed extroverted world.
No time to think or financing to explore a new direction
Be distracted by a new lipstick and nail polish at Shoppers Drug Mart on the way home.

Don't like math?
Stand in line with thousands of art school grads dreaming of being the top designer at Roots or painting their way to fame.

What's left in town. Banking and Finance. Health Sciences.
You won't find a job in advertising at the end of college.
Haven't you watched Mad Men. You'll find it in the bars, the privy clubs, maybe the country club or the golf course.

No jobs. No interviews.
Redo your resume.
Be an entrepreneur.
Invent stuff. Keep working.
Make Chocolates. Print Posters. Write something.

Make some new friends.
Vote for a government that cares about jobs.

2017 feels like the #Trudeau #Reagan 80's all over again.

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